TuKute of Sensational Living and Habaka of 8 Track Mind both have a WebTV Program where they actively seek guests that are unique and/or need exposure.

8 Track Mind focuses on individuals and companies who artistically create magic in their respective businesses.

Sensational Living focuses on mature individuals who can honestly say they LOVE what they do. Be it babysitting their grandchildren or running their own business. They are doing what their heart has desired.

We will be visiting at least 5 Metro cities interviewing individuals who have an 8 Track Mind and Living a Sensational Life. They are seasoned and wise in creating their own roads to success.  Being uniquely branded and standing firm in sharing their expertise throughout the world, Living Sensationally.

We will be interviewing for the upcoming fall/winter season of 8 Track Mind “with Habaka TV and Sensational Living TV.  Imagine, your ads keep going on into the winter if you like. OR, we could have it run weekly through our social media.

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